The chance to meet with the sightseeing of «Sulaiman-Too»

The chance to meet with the sightseeing of «Sulaiman-Too» that included to the list of  intangible heritage of UNESCO will hold during to 5 July to 30 September for the inhabitance of Issyk-Kul region and for the tourists all over the world, for which visiting the «Rukh Ordo» is the old kind tradition. For the thanks to the transfer of 2017 to the cooperation of its common goal to preserve and transfer the legacy of the Kyrgyz people a unique exhibition «Sulaiman-Too» appeared in the exclusive «Rukh Ordo’s» exhibition hall. Presented a model that accurately repeats the illuminated mountain, geological, archeological and the «Rukh Ordo» excursion will help to feel the sanctity of this mountain of the sights and its value.

    This exhibition is only the beginning of the fruitful impact of the two national museum complexes of the culture of our homeland. But all of us are united by the 6 million inhabitance legacy that we cherish and proudly pass on descendant reference.


The mount «Sulaiman-Too» is located on the plains at the foot of the Kichi-Alay Range in the southeast of the Fergana Valley and it is considered part of the mountain chains of Kerme-Too and Aiyrmach-Too. The length of the mountain from west to east is 1600m, from the north to south is 800m. Sulaiman-Too consists of 5 peaks: Buura-Too, Shoor-Too, Rushan-Too, Kattama-Too, Eer-Too. In the Middle Ages Sulaiman-Too was called Bara-Kukh, which in the transfer from Persian means the «Single mountain» or «Beautiful mountain”. In ancient times Sulaiman-Too was a place of pilgrimage of the Zoroastrianism, later from the Middle Ages to the present days  the mountain is a bright place for Muslims. There are large and small caves on the mountain, grottos, which are revered by pilgrims as cult places. They are: Eshen-Unkur, Kyrk- Chilten, Ur-Kyz, Beshik-Ene, Tamchy-Tamar and others.