June 15 to July 1, 2009

The sculptors from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan attended in the Sculpture and

Ceramics International Symposium «On the Works of Ch. Aytmatov» in the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo» (Cholpon-Ata) from June 15 to July 1, 2009. This Symposium was held on the personal initiative of Kyrgyz parliament’s deputy San Boris. The main concerns of organizing and financing  this project were taken by him. He can rightfully  be called one of the first maecenas in the Issyk-Kul region. Knowing that this project is absolutely non-commercial, he started reviving spirituality. We want to believe that his example will be followed by others.

The open air exposition took place on the territory of the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo» named after Ch. Aytmatov. By July 1, 2009, all the sculptors completed their creations, and the alley to the house-museum of Ch. Aytmatov became, in fact, an art exposition, harmoniously blending into the landscape of the Complex.

Completed sculptures, different in styles and directions, can be seen by all visitors, guests of the country. By the way, all the sculptures are donated by their creators as gifts to the people.

Sculptures created during the Symposium were installed on the territory of the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo» for the aesthetic organization of the spatial environment of the Complex. The fact is that «Rukh Ordo» is a unique place on the seaside coast of Lake Issyk-Kul, which is constantly being updated.

The organizer and general sponsor of the symposium is the «San and the Company» LLC, also assistance in the the project implementation was made by the Project and Construction Company «LIS», «Zodiac», «Europe» and «Aristocrat».

According to Boris Anatolyevich, the goal of this creative event was the unification of peoples through art, which is much higher than any politics and economy. In his opinion: «The aura of the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo» is able to inspire people of creativity to magnificent works of art».

As the head of the Symposium Seitaliev Adil noted: «Every real artist has a lot of creative ideas that they would like to implement without any pressure from the customer (a private person or the state). Usually it does not work out that way. But here, at the symposium, we are absolutely free to incarnate our ideas. Is not this the real joy of creativity?!»

At this symposium, from clay and artificial stone sculptors will create characters from the works of Ch. Aytmatov, whose name is given to the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo». Just embodying characters from the works of Ch. Aytmatov to the sculptures will not be the solution. Creators themselves must grasp something that comes from the depth of the heart in attitude to the work of the great writer of our time and express it in sculptural compositions. One of the organizers' tasks was to allow the sculptors, together with the fresh mountain air, to breathe in the air of creative inspiration, something without an authentic sculptor-artist cannot live, create conditions that allow them to expect high creative results. During the symposium, new creative opportunities are emerging for sculptors who came to Kyrgyzstan for the first-time and those who know it well, for those who is already acknowledged as masters and for beginners.

The common creative workroom will form an atmosphere for artists experience exchange   - representatives of not only different generations (the age of the youngest participant is 20, and the oldest one is 75), but also different types of art. The form of the master classes motivates participants to solve fundamentally different tasks - the search for the synthesis of painting, sculpture and design in an open space.

This creative project will contribute further development of a productive dialogue of sculptors and artists from different countries and also will be a successful continuation of their further communication in picturesque corners of hospitable Kyrgyzstan.According to the results of the symposium, a presentation of sculptures will take place and a booklet will be published.

We want to believe that holding a symposium of sculptors in the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo» will become a good tradition.

At the closing of the International Symposium on Sculpture and Ceramics, a solemn ceremony of awarding sculptors and painters with diplomas and certificates of participants from the Ministry of Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic was held in the «Rukh Ordo».