October 24, 2008

The solemn opening of Ch. Aytmatov’s  monument , held during the International Forum «Ch. Aytmatov and modernity» that  took place in the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo» named after Ch. Aytmatov on October 24, 2008. As a great patriot of his country and an admirer of Ch. Aytmatov’s works  the deputy  of Kyrgyz Parliament  -San Boris, decided to immortalize the memory of the great man in the form of sculpture. Now each visitor will be able to understand and discover this amazing personality more properly.

Secretary of State - Dosbol Nur uulu, Minister of Culture of Turkey - Ertugrul Gunay, Minister of Culture of the KR - Raev S.A., Director of the State Agency of Tourism-Mamashev T.Ch., Aytmatov’s family, as well as guests of the International Forum presented at the opening of the first monument to the great writer.

Participants noted that San Boris made an excellent gift for connoisseurs of world literature, because the writer made a huge contribution to the literature not only of our country, but  to the whole world's. As Ch. Aytmatov once said: «It does not matter how much the world has done for you, it's important how much you did for it».