Symposium on sculpture in stone «Through the works of Aytmatov»

Symposium on sculpture in stone «Through the works of Aytmatov»: a new look through sculpture to the classics of Kyrgyz literature.  The sculptors of Kyrgyzstan presented their works to the audience in the only one of its kind open-air museum - the Cultural Center «Rukh Ordo» named after Ch. Aytmatov (Cholpon-Ata) on August 10, 2017. The Aytmatov’s family expressed deep gratitude for «Rukh Ordo» activities that made invaluable contribution to the popularization of his life and work. Thanks to his House-Museum and the works of the international sculpture symposium in 2009, which contributed to the development of a productive dialogue between sculptors and artists from different countries, people came to a deep understanding, and sometimes got to know (what is amazing!) the genius' works. As a result, according to requests of public figures, residents and guests of Kyrgyzstan, at the initiative of the maecenas and the true son of his homeland - Boris San, «San and the Company»LLC decided to hold the second symposium - «Through the works of Aytmatov» with a prize fund  1,000 000 soms and with a total budget more than 2 000 000 soms.

For the propaganda and support of the local sculptors and their works the important decision was accepted - to hold a stone symposium among the Kyrgyzstan citizens. A number of well-known and new talents of Kyrgyzstan took part in the qualifying stage. 10 finalists were selected among dozens of competitors by the competent jury. To unite people through art, which is much higher than politics and economy, has already become a good tradition of «Rukh Ordo». Center's goal is to convey the ancient history of the Kyrgyz people, the ancestor’s covenants and an invaluable culture for the next generations. «Rukh Ordo» took over the responsibility for the need to uncover and perpetuate intangible values. The sculpture symposium in stone became a new stage in these plans implementation, because Chyngyz Aytmatov was recognized by UNESCO as the most widely read modern author, his works were translated into more than 170 languages ​​of the world, and the stone will be able to immortalize them as nothing else. Walking in any museum, sometimes you can just don not notice the exhibition, but the excursion in «Rukh Ordo» does not allow this to happen, and not only gives the reason to think, but also prompts for action, change. Aytmatov once said: «When you discover something new for yourself, everything in you is in harmony and then the enlightenment of the soul comes».

Symposium on sculpture in stone «Through the works of Aytmatov» - write a history with us.