For many centuries the raids on nomadic Kyrgyz people often had to be reflected in an unequal struggle. Defending their land and independence, which required courage, strength and dexterity, the Kyrgyz were well-known as «lions of Mogulistan». They were known as bold warriors and excellent archers.

The horns of a mountain goat, horse tendons and a wood were used to create a real nomadic bow. The arrow, released from such weapon hit the target at a distance of more than 500 meters...

During the «Rukh Ordo» excursion you can learn not only about the customs of nomadic folks and their worldview, but the whole history of Kyrgyzstan within just 2 hours. Stories about the people who could survive and become independent, thanks to the courage of the soldiers, for whom honor and dignity were above all perk you up, and the opportunity to shoot with a bow after tour  make you feel  like a real nomad.

p.s. The «Archery» is not included in the price of the entrance ticket. The days and hours of work are not standardized. In order to avoid any inconvenience, please specify the information in advance.